Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London, Sweden, and Rain

Spent 10 days in Europe.  
London was fun; Brick Lane is the #1 place to go if you want fun bar time.  Catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in 24 years was the highlight of my 2.5 days there.  Onto Sweden I went, spent 5 days with my dad, sandwiching 2 days with my mom in between.  Good stuff all around.   Was able to get in 2 25 minutes runs on asphalt, and experienced no issues in the knee.  It rained in London, it rained in Sweden, and based on the huge growth in my vegetable garden, it rained a ton in Austin as well.  

I'm pretty much convinced that my days of flying American Airlines to London or Sweden are over.  Apparently, those are the routes where airplanes go to die for that airline.
Exhibit #1 would be that on the way home, the 9.5 hour Helsinki to Chicago flight was on an old Boeing that had only those small 14 inch tv's every 3 or 4 meters along the middle.  The closest tv to me was so old, that the screen only had shades of sepia.  Not a single TV along the side rows, little less individual screens for each passenger with multiple tv and movie channel choices, like every other airline offers.  BIG FAIL.
While that may sound snobby, it was brutal for a 9.5 HOUR flight.

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