Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a way with words...

I asked a friend who had teased me with the possibility of him smoking a brisket for our football tailgate, if he was indeed going to bring the goodness.  His reply was nothing short of great: 

Hark! Tis' a bold and wonderful endeavor,this sport of pit masters.
Lo' I shan't be true,
to mine own friend's celebration
Of his once and forever Day of Birth,
were I instead to toil o'er the fire,
battling the muses of cold and tough meat
with only steel and smoke as my aids,
for the full hours of eighteen
that true victory requires.
Thus I must send message now,
to the front lines - at once! -
that this War of Tenderness must wait,
if but one more week...

Sounds like he's got a Birthday party Friday night, so no Brisket this time.

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