Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My knee has been an issue since Jan 22, 2012.  
I went to 3 different sports doctors who all felt they could fix it, but they didn't.  I got better, but not really.  Never ran over 12 miles, and oftern the knee would hurt bad the next day to the point that i had to take up to a week off.  Finally today I went to a new doctor.  Not sure why I didn't go earlier, but i'm gladly I finally found him.
His bio on his website is below the steps we are taking to fix my knee. 

Step 1: Doc Appt (today)
Step 2: Xrays and abuse it (today)
Step 3: Cortisone Shot (today)
Step 4: Test Run on Friday and Saturday.
Step 5: New MRI (very soon) to determine extend of: ACL sprain vs. slight ACL tear vs. extent of irregularity on Trochlear groove vs. possible loose piece bone rubbing.
Step 6: 1 session with Physical Therapist to review my bio-mechanics and muscles firing correctly.
Step 7: Review MRI
Step 8: Pray that it's not ACL tear or loose bones that require slicing me up.
- Best Sports doctor appointment I've ever have. Dude was amazing. Renewed hope to be able to run clear across Yosemite in late spring! -

Austin orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brent Brotzman, is considered a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured athlete, specializing in injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees.  Dr. Brotzman is the author of 4 best selling medical textbooks with Elsevier/Mosby/Harcourt entitled Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Handbook of Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Second Edition and Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Third Edition. These textbooks cover orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation of fractures and sports injuries of the knee, shoulder, foot and ankle. These books are distributed internationally and have been translated in seven languages.

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