Monday, January 7, 2013

Surgery on Tuesday, Jan 15

I'm not medically versed, and my brain automatically deletes personal bad news, so I don't remember the exact plain English medical terms he used to describe all this.  I've attached the MRI result in case you can't sleep.

But, essentially there are no ligament or meniscus issues at all.
There was a small chance of an ACL tear, a bigger chance of an ACL sprain, but everything is normal.

IMPRESSION #1 and #2- is what we are fixing (on the MRI result doc I uploaded earlier.)
However, there's an area on my knee, in the Trochlear Groove area (behind the knee cap) that got scuffed up.  The human body usually produces some sort of cartilage / shield over such areas to fix them, but my bone has not healed.  It's been a year, and he said usually it would have fixed itself over 6 months, especially with all the time off I took between Jan - July.
So, I go in for knee surgery next Tuesday.

He has two options.  He won't know which one to do until Tuesday.  Option 1, is to create hole where the problem is in the bone, then take a piece of the same bone where there isn't much action within the knee, and put the healthy piece in the bad hole to promote healing.
Option 1: If the area that is bad is too big to plug with one or two bone pieces, then he'll make it a little bigger,(think nickel sized coin) and insert a piece of metal in the hole.
Option 2: also calls for a potential need to put a coin-sized piece of hard plastic on the back side of the knee cap, where the knee cap will be interacting (going up and down) over the metal insert.
The attached photo gives you a decent idea of what it would kind of be like.

1- One week of very limited walking, then 1 week of sensible walking. No driving for 10 days as it's the right knee.
2- After 2 weeks, walking should be doable.  (Should be fun as I will be in Vegas for work for a week, and those casinos are BIG)
3- Eventually, we introduce the stationary bike, and other rehab exercises.
4- 3 months later, by April 15, I'm hopefully starting to run again, with a knee that has no issues.
5- January, 7th 2014, I return to racing at the Bandera 50km trail race and redeem my horrible performance of last year!

How long does it last?
He said Option 1 should be forever, Option B should be fine for 30 or 40 years.

Wish me luck.


Amy said...

Good luck!

Muz said...

Good Luck Mike, crossing the fingers for you.