Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am a walking case of bad luck.

It's been a crappy month.
- Still continuing with Physical Therapy for my running issue.  There's improvement for sure, so maybe full running in a month?  Let's hope so, but honestly, that's just a guess.
- Karma busted two teeth so he had to go in for surgery to have them removed.  That cost a pretty penny, but 2 weeks later he was all healed up and eating crunchy stuff again.
- I learned that I now am highly allergic to Mangos.  I love Mangos, but not enough to have to endure the allergic reaction i had all over my mouth and lips for 10 days.  The allergist I saw said Mango and Poison Ivy allergies are similar.  Imagine poison ivy allergy reaction on your lips.  Yeah, not fun.   Apparently it can take up to 3 weeks to be fully gone.  My lips are still pretty tender fter 2 weeks, but almost all the swelling and redness is gone. Lack of sleep an general bad mood from ridiculous itching for 10 days made for fun times. 
- Something bit me under the right eye (or I had another allergic reaction to something in the air), so that swelled up nicely as well.  Between Mango allergy and swollen eye, I had a natural Halloween costume. 
- Yesterday a mystery rock flew up and cracked my car's windshield.  There wasn't a car within 100 meters of me.  If it can't be fixed, a full replacement will be necessary
- Yesterday while hiking with a friend, our dogs found a skunk.  Domingo didn't get sprayed, but Karma took a big hit to the face and neck.  6 baths later, I still can't seem to find a product that will remove the stench.   Tomato juice doesn't work, but i still bought a bunch, the popular Hydrogen Peroxide / Baking Soda / Dish Soap didn't work super well either, and a petstore bought remedy hasn't done the trick either.  I'll keep bathing him or maybe i'll just cut my nose off so I don't smell it anymore.
I think I need to just sit on my couch, but I'll probably find a way to injure myself there, too.


Andy said...

This is the second time in a week or so I have read mention of mango skins having the same poisonous properties as poison ivy or oak. I had never heard of that until now. I've been covered head to toe with poison ivy before so I can definitely sympathize with having on your face.

meredith said...

Let's be honest that it is a total toss-up whether the rock in the windshield was due to my luck or yours. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a VERY good day!